Dr Cosima Gretton

 Health | Technology | Design

I am deeply excited by the coming wave of change in medicine. Technology has the potential to transform the way we innovate, deliver and view healthcare.

The future of medicine lies in interdisciplinary collaboration: bringing designers, engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs together to solve problems. I'm a medical doctor and product lead writing about future technologies, innovation and design in medicine.

Products & Companies




Here’s a list of my experiences, you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile to find out more.


Mindstrong | Clinical Product Manager
Karius | Product Manager
NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, Institute of Psychiatry  | Research Associate  
University College London | Teaching Fellow 
The King's Fund
| Contributing Author
Digital Health Forum | Fellow
Outcomes Based Healthcare | Product Manager
Academic Foundation Programme | Doctor
Digital Catapult – Digital Health Pit Stop | Co-organiser
Capital Enterprise | Consultant
Singularity University | Global Impact Competition Winner
Arts Council | Grants for the Arts winner
Mobile Academy | Student
Skin Analytics | Marketing Analytics
iHelp World | Partnerships
Royal College of Psychiatrists | Pathfinder Fellow
King’s College London | Graduate medical student
Wellcome Trust | People Award winner
AXNS Collective | Founder
Oxford University | Student