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May’s start up of the month: BioBots


May 2015

May’s start up of the month: BioBots

​An interview with Danny Cabrera, synthetic biologist and founder of BioBots. What is BioBots and why is it needed? ​BioBots builds 3D bioprinters and bioinks – technology to build 3D living tissues. ​This technology is changing the way we develop drugs and is promising to eliminate the organ waiting list. We’ve heard companies like Organovo are […]

Your microbiome is controlling your mind


Apr 2015

Your microbiome is controlling your mind

Start up of the month is on hold for this month (and possibly next) while I finish finals. In the meantime, I took a couple of days off for the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) 10th Innovation Summit, followed hot on its heels by WIRED Health. At both events the star of the show was the […]


Jul 2014

Lessons from the Tardigrade

In Biology By cosgadmin

A new species of tardigrade has just been discovered in Antarctica. Tardigrades are the most incredible little animal. They are microscopic, multicellular and have little legs and claws. Although odd looking, they are cute and aptly named the ‘water bear’ or ‘moss piglet.’ They can survive extremes of temperature from absolute zero to over 100 degrees […]