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Jul 2014

McDonalds Moon

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On Monday a group of students crossed the car park near Hanger 1 to visit a company based inside a small unused McDonalds.     Between 1966 and 1968 five satellites were tasked to photograph the moon in preparation for the Apollo landing. Each satellite developed the film on board, scanned the negatives with a […]


Jul 2014

Nanofactories: all hype, nothing delivered

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Nanofactories: an proposed system using construction on an atomic scale. A proposed theory based on our current ability to use the Scanning Tunnelling Microscope to move individual atoms. Richard Feynman said in the 1950s: “What if we could arrange atoms one by one the way we want them…(and) build tiny factories which are drilling holes and stamping parts” […]


Jul 2014

Neural networks and machine learning

An intense evening tonight: Forecasting the future with Paul Saffo, learning to code C with Lucrezia Bisignani, followed by creating simple neural networks for machine learning.