Hacking Ebola: crowdsourcing solutions


Open Ideo for Ebola

Ideo's open design and innovation platform has put forward a new crowdsourced challenge: "How might we rapidly equip and empower the care community to fight Ebola?" Already theres over 400 research contributions and over 300 ideas, from gloves that change colour when they come in contact with the virus, simple mats that can be rolled up to dispose of contaminated materials. There are suggestions from medical professionals about care techniques, to full prototypes from product designers.

Oxford Ebola Hackathon Nov 7th-9th

Oxford Ebola Hackathon

From the 7th-9th November, doctors, designers, engineers and infectious disease experts will gather in Oxford to hear about specific challenges in the fight against Ebola. They'll form teams and innovate around key problems hoping to create actionable solutions by the end of the weekend. Its ambitious and exciting, and the chance to try to contribute to the ongoing struggle to contain the outbreak.


Humanitarian Data Exhange Ebola Dataset

Dig into the data on the Ebola outbreak at the Humanitarian Data Exhange (HDX). The site is currently in Beta, but their goal is to make humanitarian data easy to find and use for analysis.

Cover image credit: Dr. Jerry Brown tries to comfort Esther Tokpah, 11, before she was released from care on Sept. 24 in Monrovia, Liberia. She lost both parents to Ebola. Photo by Michel du Cille/The Washington Post via Getty Images, via Open Ideo.