Passive sensing for Outcomes Based Healthcare


OBH Sense360

Outcomes Based Healthcare is the UK’s leading healthcare consultancy dedicated to helping healthcare providers and payers define and measure outcomes for value-based care. I led product development of Sense360, a novel digital tool for measuring health outcomes using passively gathered smartphone sensor data. 

Health outcomes are currently measured using long, laborious Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) questionaires, which present a barrier to the widespread adoption of outcomes based healthcare. Sense360 is a research app built to find a way of continuously and passively measuring health outcomes using data gathered from sensors in the phone. Smartphone behaviour has been shown by companies such as to reliably predict scores on depression and anxiety scales, suggesting that our quality of life is to some extent reflected in how we use our devices.


We gathered actively reported PRO data from a group of participants with diabetes, as well as passive, continuous sensor data from the phone. Using a machine learning approach we aimed to find clusters of sensor data that correlate with PRO scores, allowing us to eventually remove the questionnaires all together.